At Stack-Tech we take great pride in our community, that is why we offer discounts to a range of groups.  If you belong to one of these groups simply provide us with identity that shows you are a member of that group at the time of checkout.

It is your responsibility to remind us of such discounts before checkout, discounts will not be given for past transactions. Identity must be provided at each visit to qualify.  Nonprofit organizations will need to provide the appropriate paperwork that proves their 501(c)(3) status.

If you wish to make arrangements for your Group to have a discount please Contact Us for details. If your company has a sizable amount of employees/members and is willing to include our flyers advertising our services within your facility, we can arrange for a very nice discount as a perk you can offer to your employees. Everyone likes perks!

Discounts are available for:

Discounts are good towards services only, and not physical goods, parts, accessories, etc.  Discount cannot be combined with other discounts. If ID or Membership Card is available for your organization/position it must be presented at the time of checkout to receive your discount.