Every network starts with good quality cable, we prefer not to use copper clad network cable, only solid copper.

This cabinet is not only a nice looking housing for your networking equipment, but also protects your camera system from being stolen in case of a break-in. Extra shelf for organizing the equipment that is standard mountable into the cabinet, and basic power surge protection.  The punch down block provides a termination point for all of your network cable runs.  The short 1.5′ cables are to run from the patch panel to the switch, keeping things organized and tangle free.


In wall mounting for all of your network jacks.


A UPS and Firewall offer better protection for your networking equipment in the event of a lightning strike or power surge.

The firewall also gives us greater control of network such as site blocking, and protection from intruders.

A switch allows more connections to your network, typically we will need one per computer/user.